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More performance from: Power Commander and tune or Termi Kit??

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Hey all,

Since porting my stock exhaust I am really enjoying the sound. However, the bike is running to lean. This may have been the way it came setup but is more noticeable now with the ported exhaust.

Anyway in my never ending tinkering of my GT what would yield the best performance results?

1. Termi kit setup by the shop I purchased it from

2. Power Commander and custom tune done at a shop with a dyno

3. Stain-Tune exhaust

Thanks all in advance
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I can't speak in any exact or absolute terms, but there's one factor that might affect overall performance: The weight!

The Termis are definitely lighter than the stock exhaust, the Staintunes also, don't know by how much.

Another thing, just to elaborate on jeff_quan's point ... as far as I know, the stock ECU does rely on the oxygen sensor, so it doesn't play 100% well with the Power Commander. However, the O2 sensor is only used below a certain RPM. 4000RPM? 5000? (I think!) So if you add a Power Commander, useful though it is, the stock ECU basically ignores the Power Commander in the RPM range where the O2 sensor is used. That's where the FatDuc O2 manipulator comes in, and serves as a tweak button to fix the range where the stock ECU overrides the Power Commander.

So, you can work with the stock ECU, but you will very probably need a FatDuc, and a Power Commander is also very useful. At least if you've modified the air intake / exhaust, like if you modify the airbox or add a performance exhaust. O2 Manipulator + PowerCommander (or similar) may be the cheapest way to obtain better performance.

The best performance, regardless of price, is probably the Termi kit + Power Commander.

Staintune in between, but it also needs some fuel controller adjustment.

But as I said, I can't be sure ... I don't have a bike and I haven't done any of this. I'm just trying to be prepared for when I get the bike. But please double-check anything I state. Hope I could help.
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