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More performance from: Power Commander and tune or Termi Kit??

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Hey all,

Since porting my stock exhaust I am really enjoying the sound. However, the bike is running to lean. This may have been the way it came setup but is more noticeable now with the ported exhaust.

Anyway in my never ending tinkering of my GT what would yield the best performance results?

1. Termi kit setup by the shop I purchased it from

2. Power Commander and custom tune done at a shop with a dyno

3. Stain-Tune exhaust

Thanks all in advance
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I have the Termi kit and really like it. Others much prefer the sound and look of the Staintunes. Personal choice here. The difference is that the Termi kit comes with an open loop ECU that does not use the O2 sensor and also runs much richer. Adding Staintune exhaust will not do anything to help richen your mix. I believe the addition of a PCIII will also be countered by the O2 sensor as the ECU will simply detect too little O2 in the exhaust and lean out the mix regardless of the PCIII. If so, I think you still need an open loop ECU in order to make use of a PCIII.
Try the FatDuc O2 manipulator. It's an electronic gizmo (variable resistor) that manipulates the signal from the O2 sensor to the ECU and "fools" the ECU into thinking that the mix is too lean so that it richens it up. This is a good choice for either the stock exhaust (drilled out or not) or the Staintunes.
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