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With all the 160 Monza Jr projects that seem to be popping up around here I thought I'd remind everyone I have a section on my site for other people's 160 projects.


Anyone who wants to show off their 160 based project, feel free to send me some pictures and details on it and I'll put something together when I update my site. Take a look at what's already there to get an idea of what I mean/what to expect. Click on the pics to go to new pages.

Anything related to 160s is welcome. Larger engines in 160 frames, 160 engines in 250 frames, whatever...

In other news, Google searches for "Ducati 160" are a big percentage of the hits on my site. These bikes are a lot more popular than I thought they would be... They're fun little bikes to work on and have one of the best looking single cylinder engines out there.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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