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I've been taking a look at this forum for quite some time, but never joined. As such, I'm a noob.

I've read through a plethora of threads here pertaining to clutch mods, installation, etc., and read through really thorough (and great) threads on how to's re: the clutch, but have not found anything on my particular issue. So, although this might sound like another thump on an already dead horse, I have yet to see it addressed here. So, here it goes.

I've got an 09 Monster 1100. In my attempt to wrench on this beautiful specimen myself, I recently decided to upgrade from the OEM stock clutch assembly as it had been pounded to death and I want some bling. So, I installed an anodized clutch basket, a new SSR clutch hub, new Barnet clutch plate pack, Rizoma 'star' pressure plate that came with the bearing installed, Speedymoto springs/caps/screws, 10-spoke Speedymoto clutch cover, and STM pushrod pin (which includes a small ball bearing inside the end-cap).

I have cleaned the pushrod (there are no notches on it), lightly re-lubed the o-rings on the pushrod, cleaned the slave cylinder, and bled the hell out of both the OEM slave and clutch lever cylinder. I have sufficient pressure in the clutch handle as I did before the work, and no bubbles show up in the clutch reservoir when the clutch lever is squeezed.

When I start the bike in neutral everything is fine. When I drop it into first gear (noted by the "clunk" sound and the neutral light going out), everything is fine. But, when I let the clutch lever out, including all the way and with a little throttle, the bike does not move whatsoever. It's as if the bike is still in neutral. Any thoughts as to what gives :confused:?

Aside from installing the term CF slip-ons minus baffles, race ecu and filter that came with the terms, this is my first major (if you will) mod and I have spent 3 days (yes, 3 darn days) trying to figure out this problem. Any help/advice from you good folks would be much appreciated.

I have made an appointment to take the bike in to the local dealer, but if I could fix this thing myself, it would be a big boost to my ego of knowing that I can wrench on my own, and would save me some $$$ too.
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