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Monster to Hyperstrada

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Anybody make the change from a Monster to a Hyperstrada? Pros/Cons - what you liked and didn't like would be appreciated.

I have a 2012 Monster 1100 evo well setup (termi, Rizoma, etc.) and am thinking of changing to a used hyperstrada. I know they are different. While the Monster engine has a nice torque curve, I wish it was a little smoother and I hear the watercooled (821/939) engines are smoother. I have other bikes, a scrambler as well, and have been thinking about the hyperstrada for the past 6 months!
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I test rode one, and really liked it. It's smaller, and more nimble than my multi, but still upright and took the wind pretty well. I'm in the same boat for selling my monster, regrettably. They are awesome motorcycles, but I have too many, and it's the least used in my fleet. I think you will like the strada, never understood how it became the red headed stepchild of ducatis. To me, it seems very comparable to the yamaha tracer. Good luck, can't go wrong with either bike.
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Replacing or keeping the Monster?
I have other bikes so likely replacing unfortunately. I am having a hard time deciding. I have a vfr setup for touring and also a scrambler
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