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Hi ! I am a new member in this forum and would like to ask for some help.

I am a Swedish guy working in Saudi Arabia since 4 years back. 6 months ago i got the oppurtunity to by an s4r 2005 at a barging price, of course their was a catch. The bike was in need of a big service, timing belts, filter etc the hole thing.

Since the ducati dealer in Riyadh didn't give me a very good impression when they didn't know what a timing belt was, i decided to by the parts and do the service myself.

I scouted around the net and found lots of helpful information.

Now to the problem.

After assembling the bike it just wont start, the starter engine will turn but i can't hear the fuel pump priming and their is no spark at the plugs. i have checked all electrical wires and connections about 3 times now and everything is in order, all fuses are ok. I even called a ducati mechanic in europe and he had never encountered this problem and he didn't have a clue. Could it be the immobilizer
, how do i know it is not on.

Please, is their anybody out there ho can help me.

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Immobilizer: On the center-bottom of your instrument panel, there is a cluster of 3 lights in the shape of a triangle. The top one is your immobilizer indicator. This flashes slowly for 24 hours while the immolizer is activated, and stops flashing thereafter whilst immobilzer remains active.

When you switch your key on, this light will turn on for about 1 second, and then turn off, indicating your immobilizer recognizes your key.

Did you get a red key and key card with your bike?

Did you ever have it running before?

Confirm no fuel pump whir, and no spark.

I'm unsure what the immobilizer immobilizes. Did you have the ECU off whilst you were working on it?

Warning: I'm only an engineer, not a Duc mechanaic.

Hi and thank you for answering.

The bike was running when i bought it, and i did not get a red key or the card with it.

As you mentioned the immobilizer light will go on for about one second when i turn the key and then turn of. I measured if i am getting any power to the fuel pump when i turn the key, i get about 12v but not for 2 seconds as i think you are supposed to but for the hole time the key is turned on.

Just a thought,

the tank has been outside in my back yard covered with a blanket for about two months, since i am in Saudi arabia it is very hot and the tank has been empty, could this have destroyed the pump?
if the pump is broken shouldn't i get a spark at the plugs anyway?

The ECU was not on the bike when i was working on it, and it was removed after the battery was removed.

Thank you


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