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Monster S2R and S4R differences?

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I'm entertaining the idea of getting one for commuting and a better all around bike. Can someone tell me what the main differences are between the two? If not those two, I may look into getting a Brutale. Comments and suggestions welcome on any of those models. Thanks!
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The S2R is a great looking bike. Nice and clean, whereas the S4R, though more powerful with a better suspension, looks a bit of a mess. The S2R 1000 is a sweet ride. I didn't care for the 800 since coming off of an ST4s it felt rather slow. The 1000DS motor is one great street motor, very smooth and not as expensive to maintain and not as cranky at low revs as the 996 4v. For most purposes it's just as fast as the two motors have similar power up to about 8000 RPM. For commuting, you might also consider the Multi Strada or one of the recent Monster M1000 bikes. I don't think the M1000 is being offered any more but you might still be able to get one leftover at a dealer. The advantage for commuting is the ability to fit bags. With it's high side pipes, there are no bag options for the S2R & S4R, but Ducati hard bags can be fitted on an M1000 and of course the MTS.
By messy I was referring to all the visible plumbing lines, plastic bottles and such. Don't get me wrong, I love the bike. I was torn between the S4R and the ST4s, and chose the ST because I have a passenger from time to time plus I really needed bags. The Brutale is a work of art and I bet the new 910 engine is awesome.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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