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Monster S2R and S4R differences?

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I'm entertaining the idea of getting one for commuting and a better all around bike. Can someone tell me what the main differences are between the two? If not those two, I may look into getting a Brutale. Comments and suggestions welcome on any of those models. Thanks!
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Chops said:
S2R - think old school:
2 valve
dry clutch
oil cooled

S4R - latest and greatest:
4 valve
wet clutch
radiator (keep it filled with Bourbon for max cooling effieciency)

Personally I'm all over the S2R. It's just what the monster is supposed to be. That radiator looks silly sticking out beyond the limits of the bike (there I said it!). You want all that extra, get a superbike.
+1 regarding the radiator. The S2R is raw Monster. The added benny is the bulletproof 2V motor.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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