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I low sided my first Ducati in a canyon and broke my dash resulting in a immobilizer issue with the RFID so it wouldn’t recognize my key. Long story short, it was cheaper to buy a new complete ECU, dash and key set than to get a new dash and tow my bike to a dealership and have them pair it to my current ECU.

Now after replacing everything it primes but doesn’t crank at all when I press the start button. I don’t know if maybe the kill switch got damaged in the crash and Isn’t letting it start?

I was able to bump start it and get it running. But it runs really poorly in the 1000-4000 range, like chopping in and out riding bumpy like it’s running out of gas when it’s not. Also delayed throttle response, it’s the worst in 1st and 2nd gear and once the bike warmed up it was running maybe 25% smoother but still choppy and delayed throttle response. Obviously this is new. But in high gears and with 5000+ RPM it runs as smooth as before I laid it down.

There is a local bike shop in my city I might have to take it to if I can’t figure it out, but the dealership is an hour away and I have no way of getting my bike there to have them look at it.

If anyone has had this happen or anything similar, I would I love any and all help. This is my first Ducati and I’m learning quickly how much of a puzzle these things are.

(I replaced the spark plugs about 500 miles ago so I don’t think it’s the spark but I’m no expert. Also the new speedometer on the bike is really inaccurate, I’ll be going ≈30mph and it says sound 70, not sure if related, I’m pretty sure you can calibrate those separate)

Any tips or advice would be amazing!
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