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Unfortunately, for my buddy Mx...the 1000 headers won't work [without a good bit of work]

The first thing I know won't fit, is the vertical cyl. down pipe. The exhaust port on the 750 is much lower [due to the 61.5mm stroke] The lesser bend on the pipe for both the 900's and 1000's causes it to contact the case before it will seat in the 750's port. This difference in port location also makes the lower horizontal pipe too long [which can be cut and welded to suit]

I know this, because I am running a Hindle full system for a 1000ss on my 750 racebike...and I had to do a lot of modifying...including using a vertical cylinder pipe off an 800SS [the 800's run a 40mm +- dia. pipe that is close to fitting]if you can zoom in on this photo, you may be able to see all the welds etc. [sorry about the poor pic] Ignore the Two Brothers cans...they just happened to be handy when I did the exhaust.

But to actually answer your first question re: the 620 exhaust...Sorry Sparky...I haven't a clue. But maybe you could use everything from the 620 except the vert. downpipe, and get the 800 piece from the dealer [I think I paid like 70 bucks for mine]

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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