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Monster for around town and track days!

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Ok, I’ve wanted a monster for years, and probably will have to wait a hair bit longer. But....... wow! I just went to my local dealer in CT, to see about sitting on an 821 monster and size it up. I’m 6’1”, 32” inseam. No 821 there, but a sweet 1200S and amazing 1200R.

I did a few track days this summer and really enjoyed them and learned a ton. I’m on my 10 year old BMW K1200S that I bought for sporty touring, around town jaunts with luggage for groceries, and some track days. I love its electronic suspension, endless torque, and stability. It’s a little hard to turn in with its long wheel base, and leaning a bit too forward for me lately. A 2018 Monster sits a bit more upright, easier to turn in, will have an adjustable suspension (S or R model), and is more fun around town. Ask ally I’m realizing I have no more need to have a bigger bike with room for a pillion or for touring. Neither of those happen any more.

I was hoping that the 821 monster would have some adjustability in the suspension but apparently it has none. I was looking forward to seeing it when I realized it was the same size frame as a 1200, but now I also learned that the 1200 has a longer wheelbase with its single sided swingarm.
So basically the 821 is out.

I had also wanted to sit on a 939 or older 821 Hypermotard but they no Motards at all there.

So, Basically I’m looking for some advice, for a great bike to ride around town, use for track days, and very rarely, once a year, put my wife on the back for a short ride to dinner. I want it to be a V-twin Ducati, and want it to have adjustable suspension.

Have a great weekend all.

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I think you sat on the right bike. The Monster is not the best at anything but it is great at everything. I always dream of getting a superbike then realize how much discomfort they cause. Touring bikes are too big and not as flickable which keeps me away. The Monster is a do it all bike. Buy it and customize to your taste. You'll never regret it.
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I’m in MA and if you’re up for a drive go up to Seacoast Sport Cycle in Derry, NH. Talk to either Scott or Jim in sales. They are responsive o we email as well. They are great guys have practically one of everything and allow for demo rides if they have a demo bike. I know they had a new 2016 821 stripe which has adjustable suspension. But they definitely have a 1200s for demo. I took their demo 1200s out for a spin and it sealed the deal for me. It was nice to be able to ride it. I’m getting one for fun rides and shooting for 2-3 track days a year.

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Gatesb77, I didn’t know there was a year that the 821, had adjustable suspension. I’ll see if I can find an 821 stripe to look at. Funny, I’m going to play golf next week in Rye NH with a buddy, maybe I’ll swing by Seacoast Ducati. Thanks for the info.

I’d rather find a used one a few years old that even though it’ll be my baby, I won’t feel as awful God for bid I go down on the track with it. Guessing under $10k for a 2016 as opposed to $17+ for a new 1200s/r.

The riding instructor reminded me of the old adage it’s more fun to go fast on a smaller (less powerful) bike than slower on a bigger one.

Thanks again

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I love my 2014 Monster 1200. The around town riding I do is mostly to get out of town to the twisties.
Want to do some road trips. Not planning any track days.
I think this bike is more than capable for all the above though.
Love the low seat height, the comfort of the riding position, the sweet handling, and there is NO shortage of power. >:)

As noted, maybe not the absolute best at any one thing, but good for all of them.
Hmm, sounds like my Honda VFR that I kept for > 18 years.
The Duc is more exciting though. :x
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Thank you all for the advice. Going to try to find an older 821 stripe with adjustable suspension to test ride and then a 1200s or 1200r. Enjoy the fall riding season!

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