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Before I comment I have no links with this company but feel he deserves some recognition for outstanding work.
After some 10 years trying to purchase an alloy tank for my 2004 monster 1000 I’ve finally got one. Over the years I’ve approached pretty much every UK builder holt, tab classics and others and the same reply - very complex and would take too much time and tooling costs etc. I even raised threads on forums regarding a bulk buy from a company in UK for a minimum of 20 but zero interest. Anyway found a guy called Manuel who’s company link is
[email protected] based in Italy. After searching forums I found a link to him dated from around 2012 and he produces some excellent work and I thought craftsmanship of this nature should be shared. I specifically wanted the brushed affect as per my alloy 1098 tank however at an additional charge can be polished.
Asked Manuel for some info about him and here’s his reply.

From 2013 to 2018 I made the tanks for the Ducati Moto GP, and also I made the production of the aluminum tank for the Ducati 1098.
In general I can say that I am able to reproduce any type of tank.
For some models such as Ducati sport1000, Ducati Gt 1000, Ducati Paul Smart, Ducati Streetfighter And Ducati Monster I have the molds to be able to beat the sheet metal, but I am able to produce any tank even without having the molds.
I have always done bodywork from Ferrari machines and tanks as they did in the 70s.

Here’s some pics of my own tank before and fitted to monster. I’ve also included two other pictures of his work on cars - amazing car and petrol tank.
Tank now at painters for lacquer and then my paint scheme.


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