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so I picked up a monster 900 off eBay for a buddy last september. Since then hes been on the move without a chance to even see the bike, let alone register or ride it.

It had 23k miles on it, and we rode it down from new london to westchester when we bought it, a good 100 miles.

Bike had been laid down once, but fully repaired by an authorized dealer.

We paid about $4,150 for the whole thing. However, now my friend returned from his travels and sent it for basic maintainence and they informed us that theres a leak at the rear cyl base gasket, and its also leaking at the case seal. They informed us the engine needs to come out and reassembled for repair. They are sending me an estimate and ball parked it between $1-2k......

I just emailed the seller, and of course they are like, it was a year ago. Was thinking about maybe getting it repaired by a street mechanic..... but looking to you guys and what you think I should do..... I emailed the seller asking for proof verifiying that it was infact in the condition advertised just before they sold it to us. Still waiting to hear back, apparently the seller himself is on vaca till aug 14th.

I told them I wasnt blaming them and they mentioned that they appreciated us not blaming seeing as we already drove it at least the 100 miles from them home.

So please, any or all advice is greatly appreciated!
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