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Just posting in case anyone is interested in seeing what it looks like. I bought a kit that comes with the clip ons and top triple and installed it. It wasn’t too bad of an install and it feels like a different bike. Then I added a side mount damper because the new triple doesn’t accommodate the stock one and I didn’t want to busy up the new triple area.

For the most important question: how does it ride now? It rides great in my opinion. It flicks into turns so easily and the width of the bars is way different. It makes lane splitting in tight spots in the city a breeze. Also, it is still comfortable to me. I was concerned about this but it feels fine. They are probably still a little higher than true sport bikes clip ons so it’s a nice compromise. I wish I could give a track review but haven’t made it there yet this season. Also, the same company sells different riser blocks you can add on to make it higher or lower to your taste. Lastly, my brake lines are a bit long now so I may replace them at some point but it’s not a big deal.

As for the damper, I know people have asked about using a side damper. I bought a kit from Kyle racing that fits the s2/4r and it fits great. The only difference is the fork clamp is a different size so I got a new one to use with it.

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