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'Evening gents.

Got a M1200 S M.Y 2015, did the 15000Km service this past Summer and today, after 3200Kms i had to top-up the engine with 1lt of oil.
Basically, that amounts to 330ml per 1000Km.

Is that...normal ?

Yes it's a 1200 motor, yes, during heavy traffic city-riding there's bound to be some extra oil consumption, it's just that i never had to top-up any oil on my previous air-cooled 800cc monster.

Thing is, upon reading on this subject on the internet opinions once again vary (original, i know :grin2:), some say that it's normal, others that it's not while others say that topping-up oil is a no-no since it's shouldn't be needed in the first place (?).

Asked my mechanic about it today and he said that - especially from "big" 1200cc motors - and under heavy city-riding it's to be (kind of) expected.
Another opinion that i heard from another mechanic was that Shell changed its oil quality recently-ish (and i'm using shell advance 15-50W) leading to faster burning/consumption since - apparently - it's of better quality now ?

Haven't noticed any leaks gents by the way, nor is there any smoke coming from the exhausts and neither i smell any weird oil smell when riding.

Really looking forward towards any kind of feedback regarding this.

Thanks in advance ;)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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