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monoposto seat

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Ive got a 97 916 biposto and im trying to get some info on getting a monoposto seat. Should I just cruise ebay?
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Always plenty on ebay, I bought a new Mono seat from a 996R, complete with all hardware/lights etc last year from a guy that had put his bike on the track and never used any fairing parts - I can swap seats in minutes.

There are also aftermarket (often CF) seats available but I would imagine buying one from Ducati would be very expensive.
cant seem to find any monoposto for 996 ... want to convert mine to a monoposto... any1 selling on ebay?
what color? i have a yellow oem monotail with white# plates. email [email protected]. thanks!


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I have a red one with white number plates (tail lights, etc) with a nice Sargent Seat on it. In very good shape as I converted my bike (996) to track use some time ago and have not used the street body work in some time.

Let me know if you are interested
mightyduc how much are you looking to get. i am definately interested. i have been trying to find one for some time now
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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