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Can someone please help me confirm what model my monster is.
I had a 600ss a few years ago but Ive had a couple other bike since so Im not hard core Ducati learned yet. I purchased it from a honda dealer about two months ago, they sold it to me as a 2003 Monster 900 but the carbon fiber panel directly below the seat that has Ducati S4 on it & the big curved radiator tell me it an S4. So I google searched for images of a 2003 Ducati monster S4, the only images I could find that would match mine were of a "foggy" model S4 with its high set pipes. But the lack of white stripes down the red tank suggested otherwise, but then Ive just painted the bike from red to black (highly recommended to any red bike owners) & while sanding the tank I noticed that it must have been dropped & had already had a re-spray seemingly from red to red which could explain where the white stripes went.
Anyone have any clue? It also has Showa front Sachs rear & a "dep featherlight" clutch slave, I dont know if thats relevant or not it just didnt look OEM to me. Help please.:confused:
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