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You grew up in Indiana and your standard of round ball excellence is Reggie Miller ????? Young man, clearly you are from somewhere else, as everybody from LA ( where Reggie went to UCLA) to Indiana knows that THE class of that Indiana field is Larry Bird. The world did not begin the day that you ( or I ) was born.

Maybe stick with baseball or something...

Sheesh !

thisnjducquacks said:
i see all your points...and all i have to say...is i grew up in indiana and love reggie miller :D jk

haha no for real tho im 20 and Mj did not get me into racing at all, i understand noone agrees but i was surprised noone saw my point...so many people i ride all of which are young and all but two are racers( NO STUNTERS..EW) are annoyed with Mj :sleep:

Personally seeing what valentino does, mladin, guys like that impresses me more...just my two cents
1 - 1 of 54 Posts
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