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Mj: stick to basketball

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Is anyone else completely disgusted and annoyed with Mj jumping over to superbike racing? i saw the leathers when i was watching daytona...i was like atleast make a new label...how does his insignia relate to motorcycles...im sorry i respect him as the best basketball player of all time...seems like a great guy...but it really errks me that hes into bikes...it doesnt seem genuine...anyone else feel this too?
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+1 to Synergy and Cheech.
MJ's new line of gear with Joe Rocket might get guys that don't normally wear gear to start wearing it, even if it is just because they are cool.

And when it comes to drawing interest to racing, it is working. When I was in the pits at Daytona, MJ's booth had crowds rivaling Duhamel's and the Duc's. Not bad for a team in its 3rd year.

Finally, I think his interest in racing is genuine. I remember reading an article (can't remember where) it stated that after going to see a race he fell in love with the speed and how its a such a one-on-one sport. I think he's here to stay and I'm all for it.
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