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My buddy and I went to Mile High restaurant in Valyermo. For those not a custom to the area this is a little area on the North side of Angeles Forest, near Wrightwood in southern California. This used to be a favorite stopping point on our "short" ride. It had great atmosphere and ambiance and a big fireplace that was always lit when cold.

So when we arrived and saw new faces behind the counter, not a customer in the place, a subtle change in decor and the fire place wasn't lit, we assumed there must of been a change of ownership. I headed off to the bathroom and return to find my buddy looking at a menu with big eyes! The prices were crazy, $2.75 for a cup of coffee and $9.00 for three eggs etc, etc. The prices have doubled and almost tripled on some items. We left and ate else where

It was really sad to see a descent place go down the tubes. I can't believe they will be in business in another 6 months. Anyone else in the area beware!!
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