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The difference is mainly the "flattened" look of the midpipe to fit the newer style box section swing arm. Does your 05' exhaust have this? Usually the 2003-04' midpipe is round and the bend is different due to the sand casted swinger of the 2003-04' model 999/749. The only change made for the "deep sump" motor or "coppa basso" is the bracketry. My 54mm Termignoni full exhaust that is on my non deep sump 03' 999 will fit a deep sump motor with a different bracket and spacers provided in my kit. It had nothing to do w/ the horizontal pipes bend at all. The issue is the mid-pipe that connect the rear and front cylinders then goes up to the rear muffler. It and 2-1-2 system that I have. Oh the bracket for a deep sump motor replaces the one on the brake side, below that holds the fairing on. The spacers help reposition the rear brake master cylinder. These together help the pipe clear the deep sump motor.
It's the swing arm that causes the issue...make sense? if not I aplogize I'm working on a 30hr day !:(
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