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$750 shipped in the US.

This ECU is practically new. It was used for a few track days, my bike was parted about a few years ago. My ECU has been sealed ever since.

The ECU comes complete with USB cables, software CD and factory maps.

The stand-alone ECU allows you to use it with ANY dash/gauge/key set as it removes the factory security feature. This is helpful if you break a gauge in which you would have to replace the gauge, ECU and key combo. This ECU bypasses that.

The ECU has been helpful to tune bikes with stalling issues or hard-to-start issues as you can adjust idle RPM, ignition timing, and cold/warm engine start sequence. You can adjust fan activation temperature to each fan, or add extra fuel mixture at certain coolant or air temperature to help cool the cylinders (ie stuck in traffic on a hot day!) There are many, many other features. But the most helpful to me has been the ability to adjust idle RPM, and cold or hot start sequence..making the bike an easy one touch start experience every time.

More about the ECU as advertised by the vendors:

"Unrestricted tuning ability, this is the only way to go! Unlike a DP ecu, Power Commander, or ECU reflash this ECU offers the ability of full custom tunes allowing the end user endless adjustability.

Injection and ignition control sytem, expressly developed to be employed on many DUCATI bike models, in replacement of the original ECU. All the original functions are kept.

Heart of the system is the MPC5534 Power PC from Freescale that with a core clock of 80Mhz, provide high calculation performances.

Full parameters costumization allows to employ this module in different working conditions.
Unit is provided with two identical pre-charged maps, suited for the bike model chosen.

This kit consists of:
- Stand alone ECU
- PC Interface
- PC Cable
- Tuning Software

This unit is fully compatible with the original DUCATI dashboard.

By means of an included adapter, the unit can be connected to an USB port of a common Windows PC. A 3D Windows application, is designed for customize and monitor all the system paramenters. The external BOX is constituted by a black plastic cover and an aluminum back. Four fixing points are provided to permit a simple installation on the original DUCATI support.

Fits: Ducati ST, Supersport, Monster, MTS, 998, 749-999, Sport Classics, 848-1198..."


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