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Hey Guys,

Hows things ?

I just hopped onto the site hoping to do some homework on the MH900E and was surprised to find there isn't a separate forum ?

Or am I looking in the wrong place ?

Or is there no specific forum as the MH900E is thrown in with sport classics or super sports ?

I have a feeling this might be a touchy subject ..............

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It was issued in a very limited release. They don't get ridden much. They don't change hands much. They don't get modified much for originality's sake. There's just not that much activity surrounding them to warrant a sub-forum here.

Do a search on the web and you'll come up with a forum out there. There's at least one.

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even the few forums that did pop up when the bike was released didn't see much activity, so they all just faded away within a couple of years.
There are a few guys here that own them and they hang out in the sport classic section.
I did some research on the MH a few years back and found a lot of information. There was a registry at one time. Its a darned cool bike with a lot of interesting history.
I believe only about 500 came to the US. not sure how many went to Oz but I'd say the number was fewer.

I kept mine for about 7 years and didn't ride it much. of course as soon as I sold it the values started to rise - just my luck.

if you bought anything aftermarket related to the MH it's like hens teeth these days especially the DP stuff - I know there were a few carbon dream body sets that went for pennys on the dollar and now they are impossible to find and worth a mint.

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flynbulldog sums it up pretty well. There are only 2,000 MH900e bikes and the majority don't see any action at all (anymore). I used to ride mine more than I do these days, but that has more to do with life in general than anything else. I have 3 bikes in total and combined I log substantially fewer miles than I used to. Too many "things" competing for increasingly less free time. A sad reality.

I hate to sound like a broken record and it irks me that people who have never owned or ridden one of these bikes express opinions about comfort, ride ability and the likes (you know who you are ......). My Hailwood bike has currently 23,101 miles on the odd and when the weather keeps up, I;ll take it in for a full service tomorrow. Did I say that I have less and less free time? I now pay someone to do the maintenance work. My longest one-day ride has been in the 700 mile range and the bike is an absolute blast. For me, it's not an uncomfortable bike and 75+ hp & 135 mph (verified on Texas World Speedway) is plenty. I do regret that I have not picked up more after-market parts / upgrades; I have Staintunes on it and am still on the lookout for the Ti Termignoni system (€3,500 is too steep for me, though). DP controls and covers are on the bike, but having a 2nd set ..... I also have the Carbon Dream CF body-kit, but should have bought one of these unfinished kits at $600 when they were available. Just paint it and voila.

They hardly ever show up for sale, although #73 is listed on eBay right now (no connections to seller). Prices have recovered and the bikes do sell for more now than 15 years ago. Still, I'm amazed that they fetch less than the SportClassics, especially the Paul Smart.

The MH900e Owners Club was very active for many years and did indeed keep / maintain a registry. As years went on, activity on the site dwindled, mainly because most of these Hailwoods are tucked away in collections and don't see any action. When the server(s?) of the site crashed, it was never revived. There has been a weak attempt, but most of the material was never restored; check it out at MH900e Forum - Index. A shame really, as there was a wealth of information on the original site, even inside-information as the owner (John C) was well connected to / with Pierre Terreblannhe and Ducati.

How can we have a thread about the MH900e without pictures? Let me change that:

Not the best, but my most recent picture


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Pics of mine: I rode it very little and to me it was the most uncomfortable bike in the world. Although The Panigale may have later stole that honor.
I have collected quite a bit of history about the MH, if anyone would like me to post it I will.
I also had a set of staintunes on my MH and IMHO, with those pipes it is the most beautiful sounding motorcycle ever made.



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It was issued in a very limited release. They don't get ridden much. They don't change hands much. They don't get modified much for originality's sake. There's just not that much activity surrounding them to warrant a sub-forum here.

Do a search on the web and you'll come up with a forum out there. There's at least one.
Thanks Yorik & nice pointer .

Hi Flynbulldog,

Thanks for your comments and photos , that bike is / was beautiful .

Gday Mhe225,

Thanks for the great info and photos


I mean to say also , if you don't mind , id love you to post the additional info you have on the MH900E and im sure plenty of others would also .

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There’s not a whole lot of information available on the web any longer about the Ducati MH900e. There used to be a fantastic website that had loads of information on this unique bike but it is long gone and the forum that has replaced it is pathetic at best.

I’m going to try to collect what I can about the bike in an attempt to preserve the history and background for all to enjoy.

Engine Air/oil-cooled 90-degree V-twin
cc 904
Claimed power (bhp)
Compression ratio 9.2:1
Transmission 6 speed

Front suspension: 43mm inverted telescopic, 120mm travel, adjustment for rebound damping
Rear suspension: One Paioli damper, 130mm travel, adjustments for preload,compression and rebound damping
Front brake: 2, four-piston Brembo calipers, 320mm discs
Rear brake: Double-action Brembo caliper, 220mm disc
Front tyre: 120/65 x 17in Michelin Pilot Sport
Rear tyre: 170/60 x 17in Michelin Pilot Sport
Rake/trail: 23.5 degrees/110mm
Wheelbase: 1415mm
Seat height: 825mm
Dry weight: 186kg
Instruments: Tachometer, digital speedometer, digital clock,
lights for turn signals, neutral, high beam, low oil pressure, low fuel level

Top speed 150mph
Fuel capacity 18.5 litres

The Mike Hailwood 900 Evoluzione was a product of Pierre Terblanche and first introduced as a concept bike late in 1998. The reaction to the bike was so great that Ducati couldn’t ignore it - two years later a limited production run was announced. The bike was designed to be reminiscing of the early NCR racers from the 70’s and was to be but the first of several that Terblanche had in mind.

The engine was based on the fuel injected 900SS and was given a few external appointments to make it look more like the bevels from the 70 including a large Sump façade and chrome bits here and there. It produces about 75 HP at the crank.

An all-new Tube frame was built for this model with a 60mm Backbone. The single sided swingarm is also of a tubular design with a single shock mounted directly, foregoing Ducati’s rising rate linkage suspension system.

The Bodywork is hand-laid and fitted fiberglass with the fairing fitted to the gas tank similar to the NCR bikes.

Rumor has it that Ducati had to change the name of the Mike Hailwood Evoluzione to MH900e due to objections from the wife and son of the late Mike Hailwood.

A first in motorcycle history, the MH900e was sold exclusively on the web and all of the bikes were presold before being delivered to dealers.

The original prototype had many features that did not make it to the production models: here are a few pics

The concept bike that made the show circuit rounds was a bit different from the final production version some of the differences were :
it was equipped with a rear view camera and no mirrors
no turn signals
no oil cooler
Batteries did not hang below the tank
single front brake disk
smaller headlight
These are the only official pics that I've seen of the original prototype

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Here’s the official Ducati press release:

Bologna, Italy -- On New Year's day, Ducati Motor SpA rang up the biggest Internet sales in Italian history and became the first motorcycle manufacturer to ever launch a new production motorcycle on the world-wide web. Orders for Ducati's latest model, the MH900evoluzione, became available on-line on the official Ducati web site (Ducati: bikes, dealers and racing) with the start of the new millennium at 00:01 a.m. GMT. Within hours, the entire first-year production sold out to Ducati enthusiasts all over the world.

Ducati fans from all corners of the world had waited anxiously for the start of the new year to reserve their limited-edition bike. About 38 percent of the sales came from Japan, while North America and Europe each accounted for about 30 percent of MH900e sales. The remaining orders came from as far away as Australia and New Zealand.

Arthur Andersen and IBM were two of Ducati's partners in this history-making initiative.

"Ducati is thrilled about the wild success of the sale of the MH900e on the Internet," said Federico Minoli, Ducati Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. "We always thought that the Internet would be the best way to take the excitement of the MH900e -- which celebrates our decade-long racing heritage and commitment to performance -- directly to our enthusiasts. But even I have to admit, the response of our Ducatisti has beaten my expectations ... now, we are looking forward to everyone taking their first test drives when the bikes arrive this summer."

In addition to selling out production for this year, hundreds of future reservations were taken for subsequent model years. The success of the MH900e sale on the Internet, as well as Ducati's other exciting initiatives on-line -- including its official web site (which receives 150,000 hits a day) and its racing parts auction Desmobid -- clearly demonstrate the power of the Ducati brand with the Internet. Ducati plans to take full advantage of future possibilities of using the net for its strategic development.

All that Ducati enthusiasts wishing to buy the MH900e have to do is click on the official web site and follow the instructions. To reserve the motorcycle, Ducatisti must leave a 10 percent deposit on the bike, which costs 15,000 Euro (about $15,000), using their credit card (American Express, Visa, Master Card, Diners or JCB).

Once confirmed, the MH900e will be sent to the Ducati dealer pre-selected by the buyer. The dealer will conduct the final checks on the bike before handing over the keys.

The MH900evoluzione is a hand-built, limited-production motorcycle, recalling the racing days of Mike Hailwood on the Isle of Man. Pierre Terblanche, Chief Designer of the Ducati Design Centre, describes the bike as "neo classical," focusing on the essential elements of traditional motorcycle beauty and clean lines, which represent the renaissance period of Italian and English motorcycle design.

Each individual component of the bike is elegant and in harmony with the rest of the machine. But the bike is modern, using Ducati's advanced, state-of-the-art technology as well as the latest computer-controlled engine management system and chassis dynamics data acquired on World Superbike circuits.

The bike prototype was presented to the general public in September 1998 at the Intermot Show in Munich, Germany to rave reviews. Since then, overwhelming customer demand for the bike prompted Ducati to bring it to market in record time.

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The origins of the Design
The MH900evoluzione was presented one year ago at the Intermot Munich Show as a concept vehicle, demonstrating the capabilities of the newly formed DUCATIDESIGN. Right from the beginning, the objective of DUCATIDESIGN has been, "To build bikes that matter. Bikes that endure. Bikes that raise the pulse of enthusiasts everywhere."
The MH900evoluzione concept vehicle certainly fulfils that objective, and its appearance immediately thrilled the motorcycling community. The MH900e graced the cover of so many motorcycle and design magazines, and after receiving an avalanche of requests for the bike from enthusiasts worldwide, we were compelled to take the step from creative concept to road-going reality.

The Bike
MH900evoluzione is a truly hand-built, limited-production motorcycle. In the next two years, only one thousand per year will be crafted. The production schedule will allow for delivery to begin in 2000.
True to the original concept, the Pierre Terblanche design is "neo-classical," focusing on the essential elements of traditional motorcycle beauty and clean lines, recalling the renaissance period of Italian and English motorcycle design. Each individual component of the bike is elegant and in harmony with the rest of the machine. But the bike is also modern, utilising our latest computer controlled engine management system and chassis dynamics data acquired on the World SuperBike circuits
Key to re-creating that feeling of the classic sport bike is allowing the engine to take centre stage. The heart of the MH900e is the Ducati Desmo Twin, an engine design that has defined Ducati since the 70's when a pair of prototype Ducati 750 SuperSports stunned the motorcycle world with first and second places at the Imola race circuit. Completely exposed, the engine seems to float in mid-air, suspending the rest of the bike above it. The signature Ducati Desmo twin cylinder engine, with its inherently narrow profile, low centre of gravity and ample linear power delivery is the ideal design for a motorcycle. Fuel injection and computer-controlled engine management ensure the Desmo twin continues to lead the way. Of course, the distinctive pulse raising exhaust sound, unique to the Ducati Desmo Twin, is standard issue with the MH900e.
Framing the Desmo Twin is the legendary Ducati Trellis frame. Painted in red, and formed in Chrome Moly steel, it has specifications similar to those of the Ducati flagship 996 Superbike, the undisputed "king of the curves." Complimenting the frame is a unique tubular, bridged single-sided swingarm, pivoting directly in the engine. Many have commented that the swingarm itself is a work of art. The trellis frame and swingarm combine to lend a light and airy look to the bike.
Completing the picture is the stunning, curvaceous body. Styling cues are drawn from the original #12 Ducati 900 on display at the Ducati Museum in Bologna Italy, the very same bike that Mike Hailwood piloted to victory in the 1978 Isle of Man TT. Painted in red with silver accents the MH900e reminds us of the race bikes of the period. The eye is encouraged to follow the body's sweeping lines as they emerge out of the narrow front fairing, then slide up and over the original Giugaro logo from the 70's on the fuel tank, then across the solo seat, to finally settle by the abbreviated, sculpted tailpiece.
View from any angle, focus on any component, the MH900evoluzione delivers classic appeal, combined elegantly with modern design and riding performance.

In Summary
Ducati is proud to bring a bike like the MH900evoluzione into the world. A significant departure from the standards of mass production and homogenised offerings we have come to expect, the MH900e is an original. Only Ducati could design and produce such a special motorcycle, one that will no doubt become an icon of motorcycling.

The inspiration for the MH900e -- Mike Hailwood
The amazing racing career of Mike "the Bike" Hailwood has been documented in countless books and films. A source of great pride for Ducati, many of Mike's career highlights have been astride a Ducati. Starting in 1958, he piloted the legendary Ducati 125 and 250 Desmo Three Cam models to five victories in the English Championship Gold Star ACU. In the years that followed, he continued to turn in impressive results with sixteen wins in 1959 and an incredible thirty in 1960. By then, Hailwood had earned the title "Mike the Bike" and continued to dominate Gran Prix racing until his retirement in 1967. In 1978, "bored with his 9 to 5 lifestyle" Hailwood returned to the racetrack after an eleven year self-imposed retirement. Delighted fans wondered if Hailwood had retained his legendary skills. He chose the daunting 37.7 mile Isle of Man TT course as his return venue, and his choice of machinery took him back to his roots of 20 years earlier -- Ducati. Hailwood rode his Desmo Twin Ducati 900 to victory, stunning the competition and dramatically demonstrating that, when great men and great machines combine, the results can be legendary. We think the MH900e is a fitting tribute to Mike Hailwood, capturing the emotion of the historic bikes of his era, while maintaining leading edge ideas in design and engineering.

Somewhere Mike Hailwood is smiling, ...and shifting his DUCATI into 6th gear.

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This is what potential customers saw on the internet:

The first bike to enter the internet
It's the first bike of the new millennium. It's the first bike to enter Internet E-commerce. It is the first bike with world pricing.
Ducati again breaks new ground in the motorcycle world with the MH900evoluzione's aggressive forward-thinking style. Available in a limited edition only, its combination of classic beauty and high technology is unique. As distinctive as our new motorcycle is, so is our way of bringing it to our customers.
DUCATI MH900evoluzione - the first motorcycle reserved from your living room.
When visiting the MH900e page at Ducati: bikes, dealers and racing, Ducati fans will find photos, specifications and everything they want to know about the MH900e. Then, starting January 1, 2000 at 00:00:01 GMT, with the click of a button, customer can reserve an MH900e to be built specifically for them. When a customer's reservation is confirmed, it will be added to the official MH900evoluzione Owner Registry on Ducati: bikes, dealers and racing, where the owners will be able to track their bike status.
Once built, the MH900e will be sent to a local authorized Ducati Dealer in a special protective case. The dealer will perform all final inspections then hand over the keys. Deliveries will begin in mid summer 2000.

An explanation of the reservation process for the Ducati MH900evoluzione

Thank you for your interest in the MH900evoluzione and in our new way of connecting Ducati enthusiasts to Ducati Dealers world-wide via Ducati: bikes, dealers and racing. The following will help you to understand the MH900e Reservation Application Form, the confirmation process and final delivery of the motorcycle.

The MH900e Reservation Application Form

Your application begins with the submittal of a completed MH900e Reservation Application Form. The MH900e Reservation Application Form must have all the requested information completed, with the exception of your phone and fax numbers which are optional for privacy reasons, but which are recommended. If a required information is not provided, your application will not be accepted. Many companies provide E-mail addresses for free, and a link is provided on the Reservation Application Form for such a company.

Your personal information

This section contains your name and address, but most importantly your E-mail address. Your E-mail address will be used to confirm the receipt of your application, communicate updates about the status of your application, and, if your application is successful, to communicate your confirmation number, Ducati Dealer acceptance and any additional information that may be required.

Delivering Ducati Dealer information
This is where you will indicate your selection of the Authorised Ducati Dealer that will deliver your MH900e. Your purchase contract will be directly with the dealer you select. It is also where your MH900e will be shipped and where final payment will be made. Also, all communications about the status of your MH900e will be with the Ducati Dealer you have selected once you have received your confirmation number.
In this section there is a Dealer Locator that will allow you to find your closest or preferred Ducati Dealer's name, address and phone numbers.

The MH900e Owner Registry
The MH900e Owner Registry will appear on the MH900e page of Ducati: bikes, dealers and racing. The MH900e Owner Registry is a list of all confirmed MH900e owners and those who have reserved an MH900e under this reservation system. It will show each such person's confirmation number, pseudonym or nickname (for privacy), city and country. This is where you can see the geographical location of your fellow MH900e owners and your confirmation number. The pseudonyms or nicknames for each reservation must be unique, and are limited to six characters, so try to choose something that is uncommon. When you submit a reservation, if someone else has used the nickname chosen, you will be alerted and asked to select an alternative. Profane or derogatory selections will result in rejection of the application.

Your confirmation deposit information
A sum of 1,500 (one thousand five hundred) Euro is required when the confirmation that the Ducati selected dealer has accepted your application is sent to your e-mail address. Your MH900e confirmation fee will be transferred to the delivering dealer, and your delivering dealer will deduct it from the final delivered price.
Only major credit cards will be accepted. Please ensure that the credit card numbers and expiration date are accurate and that funds are available.

Terms of agreement
By clicking on this button you will find a document that explains the terms of the agreement into which you are entering and your specific rights. Before submitting your application, you must confirm that you have read and agree to the terms, by clicking on the "I agree the terms and conditions" button at the end of the document. Failure to do so will result in non-acceptance of the application.

Confirming the receipt of your application, and checking it's status

After you have submitted your application, you will be sent, via E-mail, a confirmation message with a Personal Identification Number (PIN) which will allow you to check the status of your application by entering it in a special area of ducati.com. Your receipt of this message also verifies that the E-mail address you have given us is valid. You will be required to confirm the reception of the confirmation message by replying to Ducati: bikes, dealers and racing. If you do not receive a confirmation message within two days, it means that the application process has for some reason been terminated. In this case you will be required to resubmit your application.

The reservation and confirmation process
Once a completed application has been received, a number of steps and qualifications will occur before you are eligible to receive a confirmation number.

The main steps of the reservation and approval process:
Upon receipt of your application, verification that the credit card number provided is valid and that the funds are available will take place. Note: this step will only verify the validity of the credit card and the availability of funds, no charge will be made until later in the process.
Your application will be transmitted to the Ducati Dealer that you have selected.
The Ducati Dealer you have selected will then transmit their acceptance or non-acceptance of your application.
Once the confirmation that the Ducati selected dealer has accepted your application is sent to your e-mail address, your credit card will be charged 1,500 (one thousand five hundred) EURO (or its equivalent in your local currency).
Upon verification of the charge, a confirmation number will be assigned and you will be added to the official MH900e Owner Registry.
From this point forward, arrangements for entering into the purchase agreement, communications about your delivery status and final delivered price will be conducted between you and your delivering Ducati Dealer. Also you will find updates about the production of your bike on the MH900e Owner Registry.

Notes about the approval process:

If your credit card number is invalid or your credit card issuer declines the charge, your application will be declined and you will need to reapply.
If the Ducati Dealer that you have selected does not accept your application, your reservation application will remain valid, but you will be required to select an alternative dealer.

The manufacturing and delivery process
The MH900e is a limited edition, hand-built motorcycle. Ducati anticipates crafting 3-4 per day, and approximately 500 per year for the next few years.
An MH900e will be built specifically for you and delivered on a "first come, first served" basis. In other words, shipments will be in the order of reservation acceptance and confirmation.
It is important to understand that shipments of the MH900e will not begin until mid-summer 2000. They will then proceed in an on-going basis. Please bear in mind that confirmation number 500 may not take place until mid-summer 2001. Such is the nature of such a rare hand crafted motorcycle.
As soon as you have received your confirmation number you should contact your delivering Ducati Dealer. Together, you will agree on the purchase agreement which will specify the final delivered price and the conditions of delivery. The final delivered price also varies by country and region due to national and local taxes, shipping fees, set-up charges, insurance, registration and other fees. Not all these fees apply in every country. A 15,000 Euro price is the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price in the American Continent; the suggested Key in Hand pre-luxury tax price in Europe; and the suggested Pre-tax price in the rest of the world. Your delivering dealer will apply your confirmation deposit of 1,500 (one thousand five hundred) Euro, or equivalent in your local currency, to the invoice.

The World of Ducati
No doubt there will not be enough MH900e's to go around, but we hope that your are one of the lucky few to secure one of your very own.
You and your Ducati Dealer are both dedicated Ducati enthusiasts with one goal in mind -- enjoying the Ducati experience. With your confirmation you become a member of an exciting and unique brotherhood.
As special bonus that comes with the confirmation of your reservation is automatic membership in the Ducati Owners Club and a free admission ticket to World Ducati Weekend that takes place June 23 - 25, 2000 in Misano Italy. We look forward to welcoming you to the world of Ducati.


Type: "L" twin cylinder, 2 valve desmodromic
Displacement: 904cc
Bore and stroke: 92 x 68 mm
Compression Ratio: 9.2:1
Hp at crankshaft: 79 CV - 59kW @ 8250 giri 1' / rpm
Torque: 78 Nm @ 6500 giri 1' / rpm
Induction: Electronic Fuel injection
Exhaust: Stainless steel silencer
Top speed: 135 mph / 215 Km/h


Type: 6 speed
Primay drive: Straight cut gears; ratio 1.84
Clutch: Hydraulically actuated dry clutch


Frame: Tubular high grade steel space frame
Wheelbase: 1420 mm
Rake: 23.5° degrees
Front suspension: Upside-down
Front wheel travel: 120 mm
Front wheel: 5-spoke light alloy, 3.5 x 17"
Front tyre: 120/70 ZR 17
Rear suspension: Paioli single shock with tubular steel space swingarm
Rear wheel travel: 100 mm
Rear wheel: 5-spoke light alloy with flexible coupling, 5,5" x 17"
Rear tyre: 180/55 ZR 17
Front Brake: Two semifloating 320 mm dia. steel rotors; 30/34 mm hydraulic calipers
Rear Brake: 220 mm hydraulic control
Weight (*): 385 lbs./172 Kg
Seat height: 82.0 cm


Warranty: 24 months, unlimited mileage
Colours: Red with Silver accents

(*) Weight includes battery and oils.

Touted online as one of the 10 greatest motorcycle concepts ever it was the only one to be built and delivered to customers. and today most of them reside in personal collections and museums:

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Thank you for posting all this stuff, flynbulldog - I too have much more, but it's hard to put it all on-line.
But want to share some pics of the man, his bike and some sketches.

Found this one on the web, many years ago

and took this one in '06 when I met Pierre Terblanche at AMS Ducati in Dallas

where he showed some early sketches of what would become the MH900e



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Back when the bikes were first ordered and delivered a woman from California Cycleworks posted their story of the ordering and delivery process. It was a surprising and compelling read. I wish I could find it today because it does chronicle an actual story from an experiment of e-commerce that has yet to be repeated. As I recall the process was not a smooth one.

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i remember the hoopla and method in which it was first sold, my boss at the time purchased one, i had no idea then how special the bike was, or would be.

beyond cool and special in my book, today.

thanks for the rewind/replay, Mike... ;)

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flynbulldog said:
..... an experiment of e-commerce that has yet to be repeated. As I recall the process was not a smooth one.
You got that right, Mike. I vividly remember the anticipation, anxiety and frustration of it all.

New bike for the new Millennium. only available on-line was the "sales pitch. The idea was for a portal / web-site, to open up right at midnight om January 1, 2000.

As to this day, I still don't know what all went on behind the scenes and how it all was supposed to work, with different time zones and all. And we all know that it didn't work. The servers got overloaded by the sheer volume of traffic and crashed. Rumor has it that all bikes were sold in less than two hours, but less than an hour in to it, the servers were already down.

I could never reach the server on New Years day (yup, had talked my wife in to getting on-line right at midnight instead of sipping champagne) and by the time I was able to, 3 days later (!), got the message that all bikes were already sold. Which later turned out not to be the case.
My good friend John was at the time expatriated to Africa, working for one of the oil-majors - he could log on to the Ducati server with no drama and order his bike. All of that in less than 15 minutes. By the time his bike was ready for shipment, he was back in the US and had it delivered to a local dealership.

If I recall this correctly, the initial plan was for 1,000 bikes only but with the great response from the public, that got quickly upped to 2,000. Some of the lucky ones who got in early with confirmed LE numbers below 1,000 tried to get organized and sue Ducati / SPA Motor Holding. That went nowhere. At the same time, "sources" claimed that Ducati had always planned on building 2,000 bikes citing "Year 2000, 2000 bikes". Sounds logical to me, but who knows.

The wait was long and first bikes started showing up at dealerships in the summer of 2001 - rumor has it that there was still no riding / fully functional bike by the time the MH900e was sold (out). The show bike was just that, a non operational show bike, with no fuel tank, batteries and a few other necessities missing. PT claims the show MHe was built in about a week - he had sketches and ideas and shortly before the '99 (?) Milan (?) bike show, Ducati management asked him if he could up with something "exciting" for that show. (I've heard PT tell this story in '06 but don't recall the details and specifics - apologies for that)

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Ducati is the mother of all special edition motorcycles... It's what they do.
I love the latest 1199 Superleggera

I guess I meant newly manufactured "retro" looking bikes, like the MH900E or Sport Classic. I always looked at the superleggera as another (but very nice) pinagale.

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Yes, the superleggera is a special edition Pani, you said "special edition" not retro bikes. Ducati makes special edition bikes every few years, most of the time they center around their latest superbikes. The sport classics were not special editions but I suppose you could say the Paul Smart was a special edition sport Classic. As for new retros Ducati currently has the Scrambler.

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