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Metal chips in Oil Strainer - 2002 748

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Hello All and a Merry Christmas.

I've just changed the oil and filter in my 2002 748 track bike for the umpteenth time. I've never found anything sinister before, but this is the first time I've remembered to remove the strainer and clean it (I've had the bike 2 years).

The strainer had some fairly large ferrous metal chips stuck in the mesh (see pic; scale is cm/mm). They could have been there for some time, I don't know.

What would you do next? I'm thinking it's either the alternator nut falling off, or the crank oilway plug coming out.

The motor doesn't make any unexpected noise and ran really well last time out at Darley Moor.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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Every other meeting

I change both the oil and filter every other meeting, so the bike has had three or four oil and filter changes per year for two years, with no debris ever noticed before. The bike has a magnetic drain plug and that has always been clean, including this time.

I use K&N oil filters with Shell Ultra Advance 10W40.

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As you hadn't checked the strainer before... the previous owner probably hadn't either. They are probably gear pieces that have been there for years and years. Carry on as before without a thought about it. Merry christmas.
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