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mechanical worries

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i do all the work on my bike. i do everything to spec, but nevertheless worry about all work i've done...748. 1200miles since valve adjustment. by is 18k miles old.

1) my horizontal cylender exhaust lets off a chimney effect of smoke once the bike stops running, not much, just a thin stream. its grey, not blue or black. i wouldn't care to much but the other silencer doesn't do the same thing. i have a bad feeling about this one. anyone know anything about this?

2) i always wear earplugs when i ride. tonight i didn't and i noticed a sound similar to the fuelpump priming when ignition is on, but a much quieter whiring. is that normal?

3) i put in the FIM for my Termis, my gas mileage is about half to 4/7 what it was. is that normal? could that be related to the exhaust smoke?

4)lastly, is there a remedy, other than buying a new one, to fixing a runny oil filter?

the bike runs just fine...but i'd like to prevent it from running bad. help please, or don't and give me an excuse to by the 853 or 855 kit
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1) Probably nothing, but worth a look. Compression test is good, and you should probably do a leak-down test as well. It could be a trickle of oil getting past the rings. Have you tried sniffing? Does the smoke smell like burnt oil?

2) If it's a "whirring" sound, it means there's a motor running somewhere. Cooling fan? I don't think it's cause for concern.

3) Yeah, a loss of fuel economy comes with adding racing pipes and changing the fuel delivery. Generally, aftermarket pipes provide more flow. More flow means more air into the system. With more air, the injectors can deliver more fuel. More fuel means more horsepower, but it also means...well, more fuel. 4/7 seems pretty excessive, though. With stock pipes, my SS would regularly get close to 60mpg. After putting on Forzas and rejetting the carbs, it dropped to around 48. That's only like a 20% loss. Still YMMV (and apparently does).

4) Define "runny oil filter." Is it leaking around the threads? My SS was doing that too. I never did find a direct cause -- at first I thought it was the Perf-form filter I was using, but switching to a Ducati-labelled filter didn't help. Shortly thereafter I discovered my piston rings were bad and that my oil breather was leaking as well. New breather and new pistons & rings, and miraculously the oil filter stopped leaking, too. I can't explain it...maybe someone else can.

If the "runny" filter is somehow related to bad rings, though, that might mesh with the smoke from the vertical cylinder. Seems odd to have the rings go bad after so few miles, but I suppose stranger things have happened. The leak-down test should flush that problem out, if indeed it is a problem. (As an aside, my SS had 36K miles on it when the bad rings were discovered.)
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