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So new to this Forum. And presently doing my first valve adjustment to my 2014 hyperstrada. Don’t feel like paying someone 150$/hr to do something I’m fairly confident I can accomplish. Recently my bike started flashing “desmo” every time I would start it and go for a ride and the mileage would decrease every time 2000...1500..1000.. so on. Well winter has arrived and decided shit I’m bored let’s start doing some homework and reading about what’s what. Watched a tonne of YouTube videos on how to. There’s a dude who put up a video that’s about an hour and a half long and is super informative on how to and what tools to use. Makes it look pretty easy. I mean save you 1600$ kinda easy. And another dude that shows you how to get your fairings off. Ultimately let’s face it , doing your own service is gonna cost some $. But I’d rather spend it once and get all the tools and know how. So that when my bike howls at me again to do the desmo. I can go “ alright, let’s do this” Anyways. I got some pics for people of things that might be helpful that I have taken I’m gonna post em.
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