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Meet Nearco, my 2020 V4R.
  1. Modifications: all done by the previous owner.
    1. Complete Akra exhaust w/ Upmap
    2. CF levers
    3. Tile Tidy
    4. Tank grips and protector
    5. Clutch Cover Protector
Tire Wheel Fuel tank Motorcycle Automotive lighting

Named after one of the greatest Italian racehorses of all time, and great grand-daddy to arguably the greatest racehorse of all time (Secretariat).

Tire Wheel Motorcycle Fuel tank Automotive lighting

Per "American Classic Pedigrees": "Nearco possessed nearly flawless conformation. He had a blistering turn of foot on the race course. He had a dominant, fiery disposition and considerable intelligence." Yep.

Tire Wheel Vehicle Fuel tank Automotive lighting

We're going to have a good time. He needs a bath, and to stretch his legs once the weather warms up.
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