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2000 monster 900sie 2021 Hypermotard 950sp
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Monsters are renowned for customization, thus you don't see many modified and still looking as stock as my matte-black 2000 900S i.e. -the latter letters signifying iniezione elettronica, meaning fuel-injected, which was still pretty novel at the turn of the century. My Monster is a sleeper, however, as through the magic of eBay and lots of spare time over a favorite couple of winters I stripped it to the frame and systematically upgraded most everything, from tip to tail it has:
Forks off a 749 super bike
Tapered bars with 916/custom bits attached
DeTabbed and powder coated frame
Custom pod filters/battery box, coils and other go fast bits
Rear sets with passenger pegs holding up Remus/Duc performance cans
Corbin saddle above the ohlins springing the aluminum swing arm and finally a LED integrated tail tidy.

Of course 20 years and 30,000 miles have seen one or two low speed dumps or tips but otherwise it’s been a reliable daily driver (until the recent inclusion of the newer duc in the garage.)

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