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I'm looking for input and real world experience with master cylinders other than Brembo. There are many options that seem like a great/better options other than the Brembos everyone seems to migrate too.

In the past I have had Megura, brembo and Beringer. I still have a beringer master laying around but it needs a rebuild(and are over priced). My bike is a hypermotard 821 base daily driver with a dry clutch conversion. Curently the front master cylinder is an axial unit and my clutch master cylinder is a brembo unit form an 848(radial/semi radial). Works fine but I want to upgrade to something a little different. The brands I'm looking at are Accossato, Discacciati, Braking, Magura, Galespeed and IRC. I really like the billet units, they just look cool and logically seem to be superior. I'm not much of a track guy, the swap would just be for fun and something different. I'm looking in the $200ish range. I have nothing against Brembo, just looking for something different. What are your thoughts.
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