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Wanted to pick your brains on pricing my 95' 916s p8 monoposto. I know the market is down, but I'm looking to pick up another italian machine and I fear its time to let her go. Anyways what's she worth if I put her up on Ebay?

Bike is mint..i mean mint mint. All original plastic

11,200 miles
Verese built (Will also include a second Verese frame in sale)
PVM 10y wheel
Ohlins Front suspension/Radial Brembo brakes
Brembo RS full floating front rotors
Drilled rear rotor
CNC clutch basket
STM slave
FBF windscreen
Black Widow Exhaust (rare)
Carbon airbox/runners/front and rear fender/swingarm cover/sprocket
Nichols flywheel and oil breather
Radial Clutch/Front brake with braided lines
Bike cover/Pitbull rear stand

Basically thats it...any idea if its better to just sell the aftermarket stuff?

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That is not worthless. $6k still buys a lot today in the used world.

The bike/luxury toy market is in the craper. Keep her for another ten years, then, maybe it will be worth more.

We all ahve "sob" stories pertaining to the market.

I got a cherry 1999 Porsche 996 Carrera, new crate motor, new crate transmission, new wheels and full Blistein suspension, spotless car, with perfect original paint, all these parts are less than two years old $23k in upgrades (all OEM) parts nothing weird. the car costed $24k three years ago, and now for the drum roll; the Frickin car is worth about $17k in today's market out here on the west coast, if I'm lucky.

I've seen;
1 year old GSXR 1000's @ $5-6k
999's @ $5k
916's out here all the time @ $3.5k -4.5k

The list goes on and on. Suck it up and keep it.

My 996sps has not been driven in over a year, I got $32k+ in it and it's worth about $7k (on a good day)

Reality Bites,

Damn you made my night better..i'm keeping her then for another 10 years.
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