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EMS has opened a business relationship with the OEM supplier of valve shims for Ducati in Italy. This has allowed the price of the shim kits to be reduced significantly.

In addition to a price reduction, the shim kits have also been redesigned to be more bike specific to assure that all the shims in the kit are in the proper size range. The data showed that some sizes are used more than others. Now, two of each shim of the more common sizes are now included.

For instance, the old 4V-7mm shim kit had 30 shims, 1 of each shim size, and cost $299. Now there are two 4V-7 mm shim kits, one for the Early 4V bikes (Desmoquattro and 998, 749, 999) and one shim kit for the Later 4V bikes (1098, 1198, Multi 1200, Hyper 821, etc). The Early 4V-7 mm Shim Kit has 39 shims and costs $230, thats 9 more shims with a price reduction of $69.

The Later 4V-7 mm shim kit has 34 shims and costs $214.

To see how the price of all the shim kits (except the 2V-8 mm) have been reduced, go to EMSDUC | Ducati Valve Shims, Shim Kits, MBP Retainers and Adjustment Tools and go the products page.

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