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... though Snetterton has two long straights.
I was not really sure of what to expect of Snetterton. Long straights would not suit the slightly underpowered 900ss compared with the other bikes in the class running close to 95 Bhp. So I was prepared to be left behind a little.
We arrived on Thursday evening just in time for a deluge of rain. Not ideal for camping though we had a garage to park the bike and equipment in – luxury at last!!
Friday was still damp first thing but by the time we finally made it on to the track for the first test session the track was practically dry with just one damp patch under the bridge. Snetterton is not difficult to learn in terms of track direction but for the first few laps I seemed to find myself pointing at the grass when I should have been accelerating from the apex. Slightly annoying but all part of the fun.
The second session came to an early end when the bike just stopped on the start of the first straight. Obviously electrical as all systems had stopped – well the two fitted (fuel and ignition) - so after a few minutes frantic wire shaking I had to give up and push the old beast back to the garage.
After a short session of fault diagnosis the relay was found to be faulty. No sign of any relays of the type required at the circuit so Joanne set of to find a town with an electrical parts store whilst I came up with a cunning plan just in case she could not get a relay.
Fortunately an hour later, with the next session about to start she returned with a relay that would fit but would require a small rewire. With the assistance of Murray, a visitor to the KRR team, who helped rewire and rebuild whilst I jumped in to my leathers and pulled out on to the circuit.
Half a lap latter it stopped again!!! I pulled in at the very same Marshall post as last time only to find the relay had fallen out. Refitted and all was OK so back to the garage for a ty-wrap.
Qualifying on Saturday morning was less exciting and after twenty minutes of trying I managed to work my way to the back of the grid. I was disappointed with this as I knew I was braking to early and generally being slow in the tighter corners. My best time was 1:32.661.
Race 1, as always, started really well and five places were made by the time I crossed the start/finish line. After a few laps I realised Murray was on the pit wall with the KRR teams pit board pointing at me – I got all emotional and completely missed the breaking point for corner 1. When I decided that there was really no chance of making the corner I let the break off ready to go on to the grass. It was then I noticed the back end come down from about 45 degrees. Entry on to the grass was a little fraught. Entry in to the gravel made me wince but I came out the other side and back on to the grass. Looked up to see all the marshals in that area poised with flags and ready to collect me out of the long grass. Gave a little wave and rejoined the track once again in last place! Best lap time 1:32.004.
Race 2 was uneventful and after a lot of hard work and what seemed a more comfortable ride I managed a best lap of 1:32.357. Once again a little disappointed.
Sunday could only get better. It dawned sunny though breezy. Warm up and I was not last on the timing sheet with a best of 1:32.531.
Race 1 started with an accident on the first corner so we had a red flag and a restart. All good stuff except the battery is getting weak so I had to keep it running. Fortunately not for too long though the engine was getting hot. At the second start to the warm up lap I set of only to find the pole position man had stalled in front of us. This made for a fairly exciting moment or two as bikes parted around him. Best time 1:31.449.
Race 2 I really enjoyed. From the start I made a few places though after the long back straight I was in a fight for last with a Honda 600. We traded places a few times and had a good time. Unfortunately he had a problem and pulled out in lap 9. Best lap time 1:30.178.
On reflection I would have been happier to have managed to get under 1:30 but I was rubbish in the corners. I was happy with how the old machine kept pace with the faster machines down the back straight.
Donnington in a fortnights time and we race in the ‘Day of Champions’ which I am really looking forwards too. So much so that a new set of race tyres and oil change are in place. The old front is now 2 years old so perhaps that was a reason for the poor times in Snetterton.
As usual thanks to all who helped and support this enterprise.


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