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m600 handlebar options

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Anyone have info on aftermarket bars for 2001 600 Monster?

Not clip ons but super bike type.

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clip on's would be superbike type!
What zooom said ... :)

Another alternative is a set of Clubman bars. They're basically a solid bar which puts you in the same riding position as a set of clip-ons - possibly lower. Definitely the café racer look:

However, with clip-ons you've got quite a range of possibilities - the race-bred ones usually let you swap out the bars, and those can be pretty severe in terms of angle (therefore your ergos!) but Cycle Cat has a pair of clip-ons that are pretty adjustable and quite comfortable, I understand. They actually rise up, so they have similar ergos to the stock handlebar, only closer to the forks - and with some adjustability.

I just put a set of 10º Vortex Racing clip-ons on my '97 m750 - it's quite a different ride than the stock bar. :)


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was thinking in terms of Ducati's,which the SBK's (ie:851,888,916,748,996,998,999,749) all have clip-on's....that is why I responded the way that I did.....

I personally have a set of Pro-Taper dirtbike bars on my Monster with handguards to deflect wind in the cold season!
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