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Here is a list of the books I have on motorcycles & riding. Some are collections of articles, some are about technique, all are interesting, to me, at least. Contact me about borrowing them. Let's do one at a time, one week time limit per book, you lose it, you buy it.

Top Dead Center - Kevin Cameron
Sportbike Performance Handbook - Kevin Cameron
Leanings - Peter Egan
Leanings 2 - Peter Egan
Bodies in Motion - Steven Thompson
Britten Motorcycles The John Britten Story - Felicity Price
Against the Wind - Ron Ayers
Stayin' Safe - Larry Grodsky
Moto GP Technology - Neil Spalding
Sport Riding Techniques - Nick Ienatsch
Twist of the Wrist - Keith Code
The Soft Science of Road Racing Motorcycles - Keith Code
The Art & Science of Grand Prix Driving - Niki Lauda

Many articles about riding technique from magazines, sorted by categories I haven't done yet.

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