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Márquez to Ducati

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Well hell yeah Marc is going to go to Ducati in three years,he ain't no dummy.

First he's gonna go win himself a coupla more championships on the Honda,then he's gonna go sign himself a big fat two year 25 million Euro guaranteed contract with Ducati,then he'll go win maybe a handful of races over the course of those two years just to prove that he was trying,then he'll collect his big fat paycheck and say "Sayonara Suckers!" and go resign with Honda to win himself another coupla three four more championships before he retires.

Sounds silly to say that but it makes absolutely perfect economic sense Craig.

If Ducati is going to pony up stupid amounts of cash just to sign you and you don't actually have to win any championships for them and yet they're still willing to pay you the money that they promised you then fuck yeah who wouldn't sign on the dotted line!

I mean WTF JLo did it and Ducati didn't even complain so why the heck wouldn't Marc,he'd be a fool not to.
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