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LSL steering damper

LSL Steering damper kit Titan; billet aluminum mounting hardware. 7-times adjustable damper. All aluminum parts are anodized.

The perfect mounting and placement of a steering damper is of great importance for the correct function of the damper. Therefore LSL developed a model specific mounting kit for each model. Every mounting instruction gives detailed and vital information for the mechanic.

Because of the limited space on modern bikes we have to look for unusual position of the steering damper. For us function comes first and therefore we quite often neglect the much requested positioning of the steering across the top yoke as per Ducati 916. Instead of that we look for a position that gives a proper mounting (without any play) and a perfect working of the damper.

All LSL steering dampers have a model specific TUV approval. LSL steering dampers are for racing use only in the USA

Fits: early 750/900 SuperSport and early Monster 750/900

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