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I’m 5’5” (28.25” inseam) first I wear Frey Daytona Lady Star GTX boots, they give me an extra 1.5” and are awesome boots. There is a version for men that’s called the Frey Daytona M Star GTX.

Then, I went to the upholstery shop and had them shave 1” off foam from the ST3 seat, it cost me $60 and looks pretty much stock.

I still don't flat foot this bike, but I've never flat footed any of my bikes.

I’ve had 3 other bikes lowered in the past and I’ll never lower another bike, too many handling and clearance issues.

Daytona boots

My ST3 with shaved seat

check out my web page here for more info on the boots and lowering bikes, sorry no info on lowering the ST3 since I won't do it.
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