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Lowering kit is no good?

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Been around the interweb and stumbled on a "lowering" kit for the superbike.

Now, I'm a little bit height challenged but I feel okay (not great) on my bike. I would love it if I could be flat footed when stopped (now on the balls of my feet).

Now I've heard compressing the rear suspension in order to lower the bike will cause all sorts of handling issues. This is correct right?

They claim up to 1.25" of lowering capabilities. This is accomplished by replacing that rod that sits near the rear shock with a shorter unit.

Anyone successfully lowered their superbike and it didn't affect handling?
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I have a ladyfriend that had that problem. She had problems with her previos monster 600, since it was too high.. Then she got a 748 so something had to be done

But they dropped the rear of her 748 with a shorter rideheight adjuster and also dropped the forks through the yoke´s, as well as replace the 120/70 front tire with a 120/60. They also did a re-spring front and rear (since she doesn´t weigh as much as the previos rider) and also put on some bar-risers.

No handling problems as I´ve understood it.

The key is probably to lower the front and rear equally, and maybe work on a thinner seat and diffrent pegs. She still has problems keeping the bike level at stop lights, but it works.
How far do you need to get a superbike over before the pegs scrape the tarmac?

About this far.


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level7 said:
God Damn, what did you do, fall asleep going around a turn? NICE.
Alas.. I cannot take credit. This is my brother in the picture. He really gets it over when he needs to. I asked him about that corner and he seemed ro recall that his fairing was touching his leg on the inside and the tarmac was touching on the outside. :eek:
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