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Lowering kit is no good?

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Been around the interweb and stumbled on a "lowering" kit for the superbike.

Now, I'm a little bit height challenged but I feel okay (not great) on my bike. I would love it if I could be flat footed when stopped (now on the balls of my feet).

Now I've heard compressing the rear suspension in order to lower the bike will cause all sorts of handling issues. This is correct right?

They claim up to 1.25" of lowering capabilities. This is accomplished by replacing that rod that sits near the rear shock with a shorter unit.

Anyone successfully lowered their superbike and it didn't affect handling?
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you could glue some thicker soles to your boots.... much cheaper ....wont upset the bike ......just stay clear of the discos :D
( I once went out with a girl that wore stacked shoes with 6"heels ...I thought I was a shortarse untill we lay down ;) )
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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