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lower clip-ons

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i've got the clip ons on my carby set as low as they'll go and i want MORE.
Can anyone recommend something that will give me a lower hand position and not have the brake/clutch reservoirs foul the inst. panel at full steering lock ??
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I would love lower clip-ons on my 900. Thought it couldn't be done, as per my mechanic. What kind did you put on? Any issues? Thanks.
im still running the stock clip ons; i just slid them down the forks as far as possible. I was hoping someone out there might have some experience with bars that dont rise so much,,,ie do injected ss bars fit , or perhaps the speedy motos.

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buddy with his '93 Supersport is running stock
racing clip-ons from performanceparts.de, they
come without any vertical extension and are
mounted beneath the upper tripple too of course,
he has simply lowered the fairing in its brackets.

cheers. :)

i want MORE.
i understand, i had a '95 SS and could't believe
the way the clip-ons were mounted on that one,
i wanted a sports bike and no chopper.

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