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I had a very disturbing experience today. I was riding down the road, everything was fine. I twisted the throttle to accelerate and nothing happened. My first thought was to downshift of course, but that didn't seem right 'cause at the speed I was going, she'll usualy pull at least a little no matter what gear I'm in. So I down shifted, nothing. Down shifted again, still nothing. I pulled over to check for oil leaks, a kink in the gas hose, a bird in the intake? hell I don't know. The bike is running, it idles OK, maybe a little low, but its running. I'm in the middle of no where so calling some one would mean a long wait and a large tow charge. So I start limping home.

I make it to the highway and find I can't maintain 70mph in 6th and its not easy in 5th. It reminds me of the time I was pulling a trailer over 12000' pass in Montana in a 4cylinder Trooper. The lack of oxygen at that altitude required me to run at 5 grand in 3rd just to maintain 30mph. However, every once in a while it would seem to spark for just a second and lurch ahead, like it was trying to sort its self out. Once, it did this for about 5 seconds and it accelerated like nothing was wrong. This led me to beleive it was not the intake. I confirmed that when I got home and opened the air box, all clean.

My next thought was that since it's running OK except when trying to accelerate, maybe the problem is on the other end. I had a Miata that developed a similar symptom all of a sudden for no apparent reason. In that case it turned out to be the cat. Seems the inards of the cat broke loose and pluged up the exhuast. It was OK when idling or just crusing along, but step on the gas and the extra back pressure would darn near stall you.

I'm no machanic so that's all I can think of. Anybody else run into this problem or have any ideas?
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