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As you can tell if you're down here, it's been raining and generally soggy of late, continuing today.

It's not been cold enough for this rain to turn to snow on Angeles Crest (Highway 2), but it makes the road somewhat treacherous. If this doesn't let up during your stay, consider riding up to Harley's Rock Inn, through some of the more northern canyons. Nice mix of corners, and no elevations high enough to risk ice if it's been wet. Like Malibu, these roads have their share of residences along them, so watch out for cars pulling out from driveways. That's one of the nicer points of the Crest - that it is a national forest and there are no residences.

North of the LA area, there is Ojai and Highway 33 going north. Fantastic road, but will be affected by weather at its highest points.

Lots of good roads to try on your way to SF. Enjoy!
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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