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Looking to buy a monster, how important are service records?

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What risks are there to buying a ducati monster with prolonged maintenance? If I pick up a bike that is overdue for valves and belts, what's a likely ownership experience/worst case scenario?

Assuming the bike ran when I bought it, and I'd deal immediately with any postponed maint. upon purchasing the machine, am I running other risks that I'm just not aware of, in purchasing a monster without service records? I mean, after fixing whatever is overdue (but has obviously held up, as the bike is running upon purchase) would I be riding a time bomb waiting to go off, or would I have a nice reliable duc like everyone else?

I mean, everyone says I should find a clean monster, a well maintained one, etc. however I haven't heard of the repercussions of postponed maintenance, having to do with wear placed on parts other than those that need periodic replacing.

Okay, I hope that last sentence was clear. Or that you guys get what I'm asking anyway :). Let me know if i can explain myself better...
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Which size monster are you looking at? IMHO belts will go well over their service interval IF they are correctly tensioned, have seen more broken/tatty belts due to them running too loose than being too old? Belt changing on a 2valve engine can take 30 minutes with a little experiance, plenty of videos & help on here to guide you? Really not that hard! :)

Shims? Depending on where you read these can have a 0.2mm gap before needing swapping??! In all reality this is given to lengthen service intervals, your closer shims should be as tight as possible, there is a leaf-spring arrangement to shut the valves to enable easier starting - & you cant hear much over the clutch rattle anyways. :D

Swap the oil, filter & belts out as soon as you get it, this will give you a solid datum to work from & certainly wont hurt the bike.
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