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Last week after swapping out my oem levers with some C R G Roll-a-click's, I came to an abropt stop in the middle of the street!!!!

ya, locked up on me! Well it wasn't as bad as it sounds but still was a problem, brand new bike sitting in traffic, can't move the front tire...

U get the pic. any way. Beside not correctly setting the depth on the pushpin, I get a bright idea!!!........

("WARNING, never try to do anything when you find your self full of adrenaline")

...I try and move my bike and "pop" ,my left knee moved in a direction other than front to back!


well thank God I live in a city of ducati riders. Even the cops have them at home. A fellow Ducati rider stopped and let me use his cell and a copper stopped to assist in getting me a ride and send some one over to my house! That was the coolest cop ever! I mean Ever!!!! All is well after a few days of wlking like a duck, a few adjustments and a full flush and bleed of the brakes and not a problem!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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