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Little help!...916 rear brake rotor

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Here's my tale of woe:

I went to replace the rear rotor & pads on my '95 916 today. All went according to plan BUT! when I went to install the new rotor (#49240111B) it's clearly not the correct part.

The new one has four holes for 8mm bolts.
The old one had four holes for 6mm bolts.

The new one has an inside ID of 108mm.
The old one has an inside ID of 110mm.

OD is the same on both.

The bike has a US VIN # and it confirms that it's a 1995 model.

Any ideas from the those more informed than I?

Thanks for any help,
Bimota Bruce
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1995 916 parts issues

I have been replacing parts on my 1995 916 as well and have had to go with
later year parts as some stock 1995 model parts are getting hard to find I think. Try again to get the correct rotor but you might have to have the center hole in the rotor machined out and retap the hub for 8mm bolts. After market also might be a way to resolve the problem as well.
Oh the irony!! I've nearly stopped riding Bimotas because the parts were so hard to find and I had to machine stuff to fit....bought the 916 to tool around with and not worry about finding parts!! Aaaaaaaahhh!!!

I certainly can begin fitting this rotor, but what I'm trying to find from the collective Ducatisti is what rotor I really need. This rotor can't just be specific to a '95 916....must be from an 851 or some other bike produced in that era.

Anyone have some old rotors they'd like to measure to help me out? It's certainly not going to happen at the dealership.

Any help appreciated!
Bimota Bruce
The 95 916 used 6mm rotors. They upgraded later models to 8mm.

I might have a aftermarket wave rotor or iron 6mm version in stock.
Thanks for that info!...I'll contact you.

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