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Hey everyone! So this was touched on in another forum thread and I just wanted to open it up to a general audience as it's something not really based on models. A question or sometimes statement we come across sometimes is "why don't lithium batteries work in the cold?" and the truth is that's not quite on point and the answer is a little more in depth and requires some explanation to better understand.
A part of the truth is that lithium does experience more resistance in cooler weather so some can see a sluggish performance if you will. And when I say cooler...think closer to 30-40 degrees F and colder. Now that being said..is it worthless and pointless to have one if the bike may be in this environment? Not at all, Unlike lead/acid which will just keep declining when you're attempting to start and eventually die if the vehicle is not started, lithium will actually recover a little bit, but in addition actually become a little more powerful if the first attempt was in a cooler state where you saw sluggish results...what I'm referring to here is self warming the battery...once you draw off of the battery by a pull of the starter it engages the capacity and starts to self warm internally to reach full capacity and cranking output so on the next attempt it will turn it over even better. In addition to that lithium batteries are generally going to have higher cranking amps then the lead/acid options to begin with so you're looking at a much better start...other ways to draw off the battery to get the battery to self warm can something like turning on your lights, warmers or some other accessory if possible and just leave it on for a couple minutes before your start attempt. Now, in all honestly some may not even notice the sluggish performance as it will come down to how easy the bike starts as well as what battery is being used. We often suggest getting a bigger battery if it is known it will be possible for the bike to be run in cooler climates..for example the AT12BS-RS is a standard size for a lot of Ducati's but we also have the AT12BS-HD-RS which if physically the same size housing but has a bigger battery inside with more capacity and cranking so it like a little more insurance your're getting the most power available to use for starting so depending on how long the bike's been sitting and what the actual temp is it may very just fire right up.
As always please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you might have and have a great holiday!!
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