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Light-weight flywheel

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I installed the 220g flywheel I got from Kaemna some time ago this past weekend. OEM = 1860g, new = 220g, difference = 1680g (3lbs10oz).

No noticible difference in idle or smoothness, though (as in the case of my ST2 after installing a Nichols flywheel) it likes a bit of fast idle cam until it's warmed up a bit (until the display starts showing a temperature). Once warm, idle is fine, with no adjustments made to a higher idle speed.

I used a gasket, sold by Chris Kelly, rather than 3-bond, as I did on my ST2, which means I need to re-shim the sensor. I have the shims on order, so it's temporarily running with too-much gap, but seems to run fine that way.

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gatta26 said:
True. I ride on the street majority of time; I probably won't buy it. Everyone's advice is to buy it if I am going to hit the track more often.

The advice I got from BCM was to have them machine down my stock flywheel for approx. $85. It's a compromise between stock and Nichols. About 2 lbs., I think. This was on a '96 SS used on the street. I'd do it again, no doubt.

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