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For those that dont know. For the last 3 months my bike has been in pieces due to blowing a horizontal belt. Well I got a call from Fox Performance today, my 853 with MBP rockers and collets, stage 2 crank, unshrouded valves is ready! For the time that Ben was working over my motor. I striped the frame down for some powdercoat and other bolt on goodies.

During dissambly I took lots of photos with my digital camera, grouped parts into ziplock bags and labeled everything. Kept everything sorted in 3 25g rubbermaid containers. I still have managed to loose some parts! Thankfully I can get them in about a week since parts orders go straight to Italy and not through DNA.

Lessons learned:
-Tackle one part of the bike at a time and finish it before moving to something else. I found myself working on the alt side cover one day then pulling motor bearings the next, before I knew it I had some parts mixed up.

- Use Haynes, Snyder and the PDF of your models parts fiche, printing out the parts fiche comes in handy.

-Time is your enemy, over 3 months I have forgot how somethings went back together, even with pics and parts fiche. Fortunatly I have friends with 748s that can bring them over to look.

-Plan what you want to do and have a budget...once its apart my rational is well since I have it apart I might as well replace it! I dont even want to see my Visa bill!

If I think of anything else along the way I will update it. Once I get the motor next week, I will have to send some parts out for ceramic coating then assembly. I am shooting for completion 3 weeks from now.

Some changes I made:
-Powdercoated all of the frame
-Hard Ano'ed other parts
-Penske, front and rear (thanks to Rick at Cogent Dynamics)
-Speedymoto Triple with Tapered steering head bearings
-Brembo radial masters
-Ohlins Damper
-Spiegler Lines
-Replaced most all of the bolts with stainless, all stressed bolts are 12pt grade 9 Stainless, Ti is only grade 5.


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Ooh! Ooh! More details, more pics! What did you have anodized? What did you upgrade? What are you having ceramic coated? I love looking at other people's projects, mostly 'cause I'm too effin lazy to work on my own.

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Got my motor back from Ben at Fox Performance Engines.
-853 kit
-Stage 2 crank (knife edge, polish and balance)
-MBP collets
-Fixed vallves and guides from blowing the belt.
-Unshrouded valves
-Only 2 bad rockers at 8600 miles

Now the pistons, pins, big end bearings, shift forks are off to ceramic coating. Just waiting on some ceramic main and output shaft bearings that I am having custom made.

Shooting to build the motor this weekend, then finish hopefully next week or two. Riding again by the end of the month


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This project has snowballed. It started with just a basic 853 kit and powdercoating the frame. Then I got crazy with it.

Yeah, I got to get my injectors calibrated, break it in and then taking it to Factory Pro Tuning in SF. They are going to Dyno it and burn a custom map. Cant wait to get it on the track....
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