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license plate location on 916 ect type bike

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I say a post not too long ago on this.... I know they sell a kit, but you can do it your self too i believe? i'd like to put it under the seat before the exhaust.. anyone have pics and directions? or know where the old post is?

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i have an extra one i made that i'd let you have for cheap (if i can even find it). it mounts to existing holes so there's no cutting or drilling and has provisions to mount your oem license plate light to it.

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I'd be interested in it if the OP doesn't want it... PM details.

kthanks ;)
oh, me want me want! pm sent!
Quit yer job, Mikey! Mortgage the farm for start-up costs! Go on...dive in the deep end!!!
lol chuck!

guys, i made several of them a while back and may (or may not) have more than one in the garage (i may not have any). if i do, i'll post up and let them go for $20 shipped to those that are interested. first come first served.

it's nothing fancy but it was fabbed to fit a mono undertail (don't know if the bip undertail is any different), bolt directly using existing holes so there's no drilling or cutting of your own parts, and has mounting holes to relocate your oem plate light.
okay...i have 2 left.

ducati 955 has claimed one. matt since you were second in line are you still interested?
yes I am... you can PM me payment details... I can Paypal you the money if you like...
thanx again mikey, 2 sec install, bike looks great, and good job on making them..... i got to ride today a little, too much fun
I got mine too but unfortunately even though I have a mono, my subframe is bipo and it doesn't clear the worthless footpeg mounts. I'd planned on swapping it out for a mono subframe anyway but it looks like I will have to do it sooner than later. I guess the new Marchesini 5 spokes will have to wait at least another month lol...

Anyone have a mono tail laying around they want to trade or sell outright? lol...
i love the marc's... i'll get a pair this winter i hope
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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