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License Plate for 999s

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I just took delivery of a virtually new 2003 999s with less than a 1000 miles. It came from a dealer with all the correct paperwork plus all the 2003 catalogs. I love to put personalized plates on all my bikes but I am stuck with this one. In Wyoming we only get 4 digits and the first digit must be a letter. (Hey, its a small state in population). I want 999s but it does not qualify cause the first digit is a number. Suggestions anyone.
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twotie4 said:
My Italian is noexistent. This means?
From Wikipedia

The word ciao (pronounced somewhat like chow, and occasionally misspelled as such) is an informal verbal salutation or greeting, meaning "goodbye" or (more rarely) "hello".

Originally from the Venetian language, it was adopted by Italian and eventually entered the vocabulary of English and of many other languages around the world. Presently, the word is mostly used as "goodbye" in English, but in other languages it may mean "hello", "goodbye", or both

Seems appropriate to me.
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